Current Personnel

Jeff Frez-Albrecht
Studio Manager, Technical, Recording engineer, Digital Editing, Sound design, Voice Overs, Creative assistant to Brian Keane

Jeffrey Frez- Albrecht was hired to install audio wiring when Brian Keane built his initial studio in 1993, and stayed on to become Brian Keane Music's technical chief of staff, a recording engineer, digital editor, sound designer, audio mixer, and principal creative assistant to Brian Keane. Jeff has made important creative contributions to hundreds of award winning films, records, and television programs over the two decades he has worked at Brian Keane Music.

Jeff has done many independent projects in more recent years, as a sound designer, audio engineer, and mixing engineer for independent films, and his voice has grown in demand as a narrator, having narrated several Emmy nominated films for ESPN, among others.

Jeff currently lives in northwest CT, and has been married to Tammy Frez-Albrecht for more than 30 years. They have 3 children: Simon, Faye, and Luca.

Lucas Borgstedt
Assistant Engineer, Digital Editing, Creative Assistant to Brian Keane

Lucas was hired in 2018 as a backup engineer to Jeff Frez-Albrecht. Brian called the New York “Pro School” for Pro Tools graduates, and asked them for the name of their best student in the area. Lucas was recommended. At 26 years old, Lucas is a busy engineer, working at several studios and live sound gigs throughout the Northeast.

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Bonnie Erickson
Office Manager, Studio Coordinator, Billing, Correspondence, Scheduling

Bonnie and Brian attended Staples High School together in Westport, Connecticut and, while they didn’t know each other well back then, they both sang in the choir and were involved in a few theatrical productions together. After almost 40 years since graduating, they rekindled their friendship in 2010, and began dating. Bonnie moved to Connecticut in 2015.

A performer all her life, in 2010 Bonnie was the Artistic Director and Executive Producer for Artistry, a multidisciplinary non-profit theater and art center in Minneapolis, one of the nation’s most robust professional theater communities. Bonnie was with the organization for 18 years, producing nine fully staged Broadway quality award-winning productions each season. Bonnie brings a diversity of key deliverables to Brian Keane Music, Inc. including 20 years of corporate executive experience, strategic direction and change management, program development, marketing, PR and audience development, as well as thrilling clients with her fabulous cooking. Bonnie oversees administrative operational activities, a position previously held by Ann Marie Pascale, who retired in 2020 after 22 years.

Elvis Salic
Web Design/Administration

Elvis is a Chicago-based web designer and graphic artist. He was introduced to Brian by John Delvento when certain web-hosting facilities connected to Brian’s decades-old website began going out of business, and Jonas Friedman, the website’s original designer, had since moved to a busy career composing and producing music in LA.

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Bill Holloman, Jr.

After Brian’s long time copyist Don Wallace retired, Brian was talking to world-renowned saxophonist, Bill Holloman, who recommended his son, Bill Holloman, Jr.Brian has now used 22 year-old budding musician Bill Jr for several projects as a backup copyist.

Past Orchestrators

Michael Bacon

Michael, older brother of famed actor Kevin Bacon, along with Brian and Boston-based composer Mason Daring, is one of the original pioneering composers for documentary films. Like Brian, Michael’s scoring career began in the 1980s, before anyone was scoring documentaries. He has scored many notable films for Emmy winning directors David Grubin, Barbara Koppel, Bill Moyers, and many others. Brian hired Michael to orchestrate for him when he became overwhelmed with work in the early 1990s working for ABC News and others. Michael has worked on many Emmy and Peabody award winning films for Brian for all the major networks over a two decade period.

Today, Michael still lives in New York City, continues to score movies, and tours in the rock band “The Bacon Brothers” with his brother, Kevin. They have appeared on The Tonight Show, The View, Conan O’Brien, and many others.

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Nick Bariluk

Brian met Nick playing jazz in a club. Nick is a spectacular jazz pianist, who Brian subsequently hired as his musical director during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when he was a Blue Note recording artist. Nick played on many of Brian’s soundtracks during that period, including projects for Henry Hampton, NOVA, ABC News, and several PBS projects.

Today, Nick lives with his wife, Mary, in Danbury, CT, and enjoys a successful career as a jazz pianist, and a producer of primarily Christian music projects. He is also the musical director of the Grace Community Church in New Canaan, CT.

For more information, contact Nick at:

Richard Fiocca

In the early 1990s, Brian was approached by composer Richard Fiocca after he recently had attented the Manhattan School of Music, at the beginning of his career. Recognizing his considerable talent, Brian hired him as an orchestrator for ABC News’ “Turning Point”, later pressing him into service to orchestrate on films for HBO, CBS, PBS, ESPN, and others.

Richard became very successful on his own, scoring several Emmy winning films for various networks, and has been the music for “48 Hours” on CBS for more than a decade. Richard lives in New York City, where he also has his studio location.

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Jonas Friedman
Orchestrator, Sound design, Digital editing, Creative assistant to Brian Keane, Digital media and web site manager.

Jonas Friedman is Brian's doctor's son. Brian was very impressed when Jonas first played his music for him as a 16 year-old teenager. Brian agreed to help Jonas learn about music production, as Jonas kept growing and developing his considerable talent over the next several years. In 2009, Brian supervised Jonas in composing cues for some major projects. Then in 2012, Brian hired Jonas, who was 25, to do sound design work on "Copper". Brian continued working with Jonas on various other projects. One of those projects was designing this website. Jonas became a major asset to the company in a very short time.

In 2014, Brian was invited to the 100th anniversary celebration for ASCAP, along with other prominent composers. There, he ran into fellow composer Mark Snow, who was looking for an assistant for his episodic TV series "Blue Bloods". Brian recommended Jonas for the job, and Jonas' career as an orchestrator took off from there.

Today, Jonas is an innovative music producer, sound designer, orchestrator, and composer for feature films, documentaries, major television networks, national events, and video games. His credits include work on the TV series "24", "X Files", "Blue Bloods", "Copper", and projects for Academy and Emmy Award winning directors and producers.

In 2017 Jonas moved to the Los Angeles area, and is married to Megan Friedman. They just had their first child.

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Sean Harkness

Sean Harkness studied guitar with Brian in the 1970’s when Brian was still a touring guitarist, and Sean was a grade school student. Brian knew that Sean was a gifted student right away, but Sean would go on to be one of the most skilled and sought after guitarists in New York, in addition to being a Windham Hill recording artist. Sean has orchestrated and contributed music to some of Brian’s television projects, and played guitar on several others. Brian has also occasionally performed with Sean in a duo, including a retrospective of his work at Birdland in New York recently.

Sean is married and lives in the New York city area. For more information, contact

Bill Holloman

Brian met Bill through his work with orchestrator Michael Terry. Bill is a world-class saxophone player, and a virtual one-man band, playing trumpet, trombone, all saxes, clarinet, and flute. Bill started out recording horn sections for sports cues for Brian in the early 2000’s at his home studio. Over the years, Bill graduated to become one of Brian’s orchestrators, and has worked on many Emmy and Peabody award winning shows for HBO, CBS, PBS, as well a theatrical projects.

Today, Bill tours with Nile Rodgers and Chic, the Gatlin Brothers, and has recorded with Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Diana Ross, Elton John, Michael Bolton, and countless others. Bill’s son (Bill Jr) has recently begun doing copyist work for Brian. Bill lives in Avon, CT with his wife, and he has two sons.

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Greg Nicolette

Greg grew up in Monroe, CT, and learned of Brian through a friend. Greg studied composition with Brian for his last year of high school, then continued to apprentice with Brian in between semesters at University of Michigan until he graduated. By the end of that time, Greg was orchestrating cues for Brian on several television projects, including the Emmy nominated scores to “You Write Better Than You Play: The Frank DeFord Story” and “Sports Illustrated: 50th Anniversary” for ESPN.

Today, Greg is an independent producer, composer, and audio director living in the Los Angeles area.

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Michael Terry

Michael is a talented composer, who happened to be a 15 minute drive from Brian’s studio. A Berklee graduate, Brian was familiar with his musical expertise from other musicians in the area. Michael had been working for the American Comedy Network, Howard Stern, and various music libraries when he contacted Brian about learning the trade of documentary scoring. Starting slowly at first, Michael’s enormous talent developed quickly, and he became Brian’s most prolific orchestrator between 1998 and 2008, working on several Peabody and Emmy winning documentaries for HBO, ESPN, ABC, CBS, PBS, and many others.

Today, Michael lives with his college sweetheart Jennifer in Tucson, AZ. Michael has a daughter, Kayte, and a son, Jesse, who is a noted musician in the Nashville area. Recently, Michael became a grandfather. He is still involved in scoring occasional projects, as well as producing recording projects in AZ.

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Past Personnel

Keith Chirgwin
Digital Editing, Sound Design and effects, Dialogue editing, Surround services

Keith Chirgwin worked for Brian Keane Music for well over two decades, beginning as an assistant engineer on the Peabody award winning documentary "The Donner Party" in 1991. He worked his way up as assistant to Ron Bach, to become the principle editor at Brian Keane Music, and one of the core assets of the company's success. Keith also served as principal sound effects editor, dialogue mixer, and surround specialist, and often served as engineer, sound designer,  and mixer as well. He has worked on nearly all of the Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, and Peabody award winning projects at Brian Keane Music since the early 90's.

Today, he serves as head mixer at NBC Sports in Stamford, CT.

Keith currently lives in Trumbull, Ct. and is married to Judith Chirgwin, with 2 children Dylan, and Carli.

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John Delvento

Like many up-and-coming New York composers, John DelVento, a double music major at the Hartt School and budding television composer, came to Brian Keane Music to observe Brian composing, and to learn from him. John has composed and produced music for a variety of films, TV shows, advertising campaigns, video games, educational literature, world music, and music libraries. He also maintains a rigorous teaching and performance schedule, playing in some of the world’s finest concert halls.

John was recently hired by Brian to do score transcription after the retirement of his long time copyist, Don Wallace. John is married, and lives in the Hartford, CT area.

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Jeffrey Lesser
Music Mixer, Post Production

Jeffrey Lesser first worked with Brian Keane on the 1997 Grammy winning soundtrack "Long Journey Home". Over the years since, Jeffrey has mixed several award winning projects for Brian Keane Music, and was most recently the principal mixer, and audio post supervisor for "Copper".

Jeffrey has an extensive history as a record producer and recording engineer which has been enhanced by his many Gold and Platinum certifications and Grammy Awards. His credits include: Barbra Streisand, Lou Reed, The Chieftains, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Sinead O’Conner, Vince Gill, Sting, Diana Krall, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Kool and the Gang, Ry Cooder, Lyle Lovett, Kristin Chenoweth, Loudon Wainwright III, Rupert Holmes, Steven Tyler, The Lord of the Rings (Academy Award and Grammy winner - Best Score), and many others. Jeffrey is a four time Emmy Winning musical director as well. 

Jeffrey currently lives in Cresskill, NJ. and is married to Deborah Lesser. They have two daughters Lucy, and Kelsey, both working in television production, and two grandchildren Milo Jet, and Charlotte.

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Sean Moffitt

Sean contacted Brian Keane Music as an ambitious young man, wanting experience as an engineer. Brian gave him a shot as an assistant engineer at first, working with experienced engineers that he could glean knowledge and experience from. Eventually, Sean was engineering projects on his own.

Sean took his experience from Brian Keane Music and parlayed it into a successful engineering career, at first engineering Christian music projects from his home studio in CT. Now he’s become a successful pro in the Nashville area, earning several Grammy nominations through his work with Josh Groban, the soundtrack to the television show “Nashville”, Third Day, and country artists Zach Williams and Kelsey Ballerini.

Sean lives with his wife in the Nashville area.

Ann Marie Pascale
Office manager, files, payments, schedules, correspondence, and assistant to Brian Keane

Ann Marie started working for Brian Keane Music in 1998, when Brian's then wife Susan noticed an ad on the local grocery store bulletin board and suggested that Brian hire her. She had worked as an executive secretary, and was just coming back into the work place after being a devoted homemaker for several years. Within the first few months, Ann Marie found a quarter million dollars in unrecovered royalties, and she has been on the job ever since for over two decades.

Ann Marie has lived in Monroe, Ct. for decades, and has been married for over 40 years to her highschool beau Martin Pascale. They have two children, Marty and Heather; and two grandchildren, Martin and Giavanna.

With the Covid pandemic of 2020 creating isolation and a work slow down, Ann Marie decided to retire from her work at Brian Keane Music, Inc. after 22 years of service. She will always be special to us.

Tommy Skarupa
Principal Recording engineer, Digital editing

Tommy Skarupa first met Brian Keane as the engineer for cellist David Darling, working on the 1997 Billboard # 1 New Age record "Carols of Christmas", which Brian was producing for Windham Hill. Tommy began his career working as an engineer with legendary producer, and hit songwriter Mike Chapman. Tommy's credits include several platinum and Grammy award winning albums, and Emmy winning television shows. He has worked with a wide range of genres and artists, such as Lita Ford, Pete Seeger, and Paul Winter to name a few.

Brian hired Tommy as a recording engineer in the late '90s and early '00s, when he was recording live musicians on a regular basis for his film, TV, and record projects. Over the years, Tommy has worked regularly on many Emmy, Peabody, and Oscar winning projects for Brian Keane Music.

Today, Tommy is still active as an independant producer and engineer. A life-long bachelor, Tommy lives in Collinsville, CT.

For more information, contact Tommy at

Don Wallace
Copyist / Sheet Music

Don Wallace was already an accomplished bass player when he met Brian Keane in the mid 1970's when they were both musicians recording for the late Downbeat award winning musician, and legendary jingle writer Don Elliot. Over the years, Don Wallace and Brian played on several projects together as musicians, and Don served as bassist in Brian's band when Brian was a Bluenote recording artist. Don was the copyist on nearly all of Brian's projects, and Don's musical association with Brian spanned more than three decades.

Don studied composition with Thomas Schuttenhelm and is a graduate of Hartt school of music. Don is a composer, and has served as an orchestrator for Brian Keane Music and others. As a bassist Don has played often with jazz guitarist Tony Purrone, and continues to play and record as a bassist and tuba player. Don served as copyist for a number of Connecticut and New York based composers, and his charts have been played from high school brass bands, to the London Symphony Orchestra.

In 2018, Don retired after 33 years as Brian Keane Music, Inc.’s copyist. Don is married to Theresa Wallace and lives in Cromwell, CT.

In Memoriam

Ron Bach (Bacchiochi) (1951-1997)

Ron Bacchiochi was a wonder kid in the recording business. His first job as a teenage recording engineer was to record and mix the Harry Chapin hit "Cats in the Cradle", and he followed that with Stevie Wonder's "Talking Book", and Weather Report's "Mysterious Traveler".

Ron and Brian Keane first started working together in the late 70's. Ron mixed some of Brian's duo records with Larry Coryell. Ron was a brilliant engineer, and one of the visionary pioneers of the protools editing system, and became Brian Keane's right hand man for well over a decade as principal recording engineer, editor, and mixer.

Ron shared his great knowledge of the craft with the staff, and provided an amazing sonic advantage to the early record, film and television productions. He was a key part of the success of Brian Keane Music, and a great friend to Brian up until his death from cancer in 1997. We will never forget him.

Don Grady (1944 - 2012)

Don Grady was one of the original Mousketeers, and later played Robbie on the classic television series “My Three Sons”. After a storied acting career, however, Don became more known as a composer and orchestrator in the Los Angeles area. Don was introduced to Brian by his Hollywood-based agent, Bruce Teitell, who came out of the Larry Marks Agency. Don was an accomplished orchestrator, and helped Brian on many projects during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Don contributed work to many Peabody and Emmy winning projects for Brian and others on all the major networks.

Don died of cancer in 2012.

Tom Bates (1947 - 2016)
Recording and Mixing Engineer

Brian met Tom while producing cellist David Darling for Windham Hill’s #1 New Age record “The Carols of Christmas”. The meeting happened to coincide with the death of Brian’s long time engineer Ron Bach, who actually knew Tom. After that, Brian hired Tom for several high end record projects as a mixer, and a few film scores as well. Tom was an extremely talented engineer and warm person, who worked with both good humor and enthusiasm.

In addition to his audio expertise, he was also a pioneer in digital audio, pivotal in Tascam’s development of the DA-88 modular digital tape recorder and Yamaha’s 02R digital mixing console. He also invented the Lynx TimeLine audio synchronizer, one of the earliest devices to allow integration of digital audio workstations with existing analog recording technologies.

Tom, at one point, was a staff engineer for Columbia Records, and his credits include Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Tom Rush, the Moscow String Quartet, Cherish the Ladies, Paul Winter, Pete Seeger, and almost countless others. In his later years, he often traveled to work in locales like Portugal and Nepal.

Tom lived with his wife Eleanor in Groton, MA, who survives him with his son, Kevin.

Tom died of Parkinson’s disease in 2016.

David Darling (1941 - 2021)
Orchestrator, Cellist

David Darling first achieved fame playing with the Paul Winter Consort and guitarist Ralph Towner, playing the lead cello line on their instrumental hit “Icarus”. He later became a Grammy winning recording artist for ECM with 15 releases.

David lived in the northwest of Connecticut, less than an hour from Brian’s studio. Dave first worked for Brian on the 1991 John Boswell CD Count Me In, on the Hearts of Space label. David would go on to record on many of Brian Keane's records and film scores after that including The Way West, Nick Gomez’s Illtown, Stephen King’s Night Flier, Windham Hill’s Winter Solstice, Carols of Christmas, Tree of Patience with Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Sports Illustrated 50 Years, Pilgrims, and David had fascinating interactions with whale calls in Brian’s score to Into the Deep. The soundtrack to that is on Valley entertainment.

David revolutionized the role of the cello. His invention of an electric 8-string cello produced otherworldly sounds, that Brian used heavily processed to great effect. David was a warm person, and a good friend. He started a major learning institution with his Music for People organization. Brian’s mother actually participated in that without realizing that David and Brian knew each other. David Darling leaves behind a daughter, Bonnie, and he leaves a giant hole in musical possibilities for Brian Keane Music. Inc. as well, but we are grateful for many wonderful recordings.


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