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Light Space Time Project

The Light Space Time Project was the vision of philanthropist Spencer Olin Taylor who conceived and funded the project in 2008. Spencer employed Brian to work with long time musical collaborator and keyboardist Nick Bariluk, to create a jazz rock fusion band project in symphonic form, originally to be coordinated with a planetarium show, as a musical and visual trip through space.

The project ran out of funding and was never completed but the first three movements were nearly completed, featuring Brian on electric guitar, Nick Bariluk on keyboards, along with saxophonist David Mann, and bassist Dave Anderson. The drums are synthesized and were never recorded, and the audio multi-tracks were never saved to build on later. This two-track mix is all that endures of the project. The piece is constructed for electric guitar, saxophone, electric bass, keyboards and drums, is meant to be reproducible live, and represents a substantial advancement of the genre concept of jazz rock fusion music.

The first section of the piece begins with a musical interpretation of a night sky with a sense of wonder, anticipation and mystery. The piece builds to a musical interpretation of a countdown and a rocket ship takeoff.

The rocket taking off launches into a high energy second section that begins as a dangerous thrill ride and develops into high energy and complicated musical dialogue, with pyrotechnical jazz rock musical chops in a space travel mode, culminating in a breakthrough event into dark floating space.

The third section begins in a mysterious but discovery-oriented dark space but develops into a slower melodic section of wonder and beauty with electric slide guitar and a beautiful and slightly strange soprano sax melody. The piece fades out as the never finished fourth section is beginning with an improvised sax solo.

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