Brian Keane has long been a proponent of live musicians, and has worked with and employed hundreds of talented musicians and recording engineers throughout his career. Their performances and talents have graced nearly all of Brian's music. It is likely that in compiling such a huge list over a 4 decade career, we may have missed a few names. If we have, we sincerely apologize, and would gladly add anybody we might have missed if you would email us and let us know at Thank you to all the musicians and engineers for contributing so much.
*= recorded on more than one project, **= regular musician/engineer on multiple projects at some point in Brian's career

In Alphabetical order by last name: (Select By Last Initial)

Phil Aaberg* - Acoustic Piano
Will Ackerman* - Acoustic Guitar
Alex Acuna - Percussion
John Adams - Contractor
Sarah Adams* - Viola section
Kweyao Agyapon - Djembe, percussion
Tony Aiardo** - Vocals, Keyboards, Accordion
Steve Albert - Recording engineer
Abdul Ali - Electric Guitar
Don Alias* - Percussion
Carl Allen - Jazz Drums
Bobby Allende - Percussion
Herb Alpert - Trumpet
Walton Amey** - Vocals, Guitar, Bowed Saw
Vincente Amigo - Flamenco Guitar
Amity School Children's Choir - Choir
Florian Ammon* - Recording engineer, editing
Bill Anderson - Sound design
Dave Anderson** - Electric Bass and Fretless Bass
Dennis Anderson* - Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, and Saxophone
Darroll Anger - Fiddle
Abe Appleman - Violin section, Viola section
Mark Aqueline - Recording engineer
Rob Aries* - Keyboards
David Arkenstone* - Keyboards
Grant Austin - Recording engineer
Paul Avgerinos* - Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Synthesizers, Recording Engineer

Ron Bach** - Recording engineer, Editor, Mixer
Michael Bacon** - Orchestrator, Arranger, Keyboards, Guitar
Boris Baev - Oboe/English Horn
Todd Baharian - Guitar
Victor Bailey* - Electric Bass
Bob Baldwin - Keyboards
Peggy Baldwin - Cello
Roger Ball** - Alto Saxophone
Baltimore Consort - Early Musicians
Nik Bariluk** - Orchestrator, Keyboards, Tour Band Musical Director, Piano
Dan Barrett** - Principal Cellist, Cello Solos, Cello section
Manuel Barrueco - Classical Guitar
Pat Barry** - Vocals
Artie Barton * - Electric Bass,
David Barton**- Drums, Percussion
Tom Bates* - Recording and Mixing engineer
Milo Batista* - Churango, South American Pipes, Quena
Keola Beamer* - Orchestrator, Slack Key Guitar, Nose Flute, Hawaiian Percussion
Marty Bear - Vocals, guitar
Joe Beck*- Electric Guitar
Jay Beckenstein - Soprano Saxophone
Jonathan Beibersheimer* - Recording engineer
Derek Bell - Harp
Poogie Bell - Drums
Carol Benner** - Viola Principal, Viola Section
Tony Bennet - Vocals
George Benson - Jazz Guitar
Helene Bergman* - Violin section
Roxanne Bergman** - Principal Violin, Violin Solos, Violin section
Jeff Berlin - Electric bass
Spring Berv - Violin
Andrea Black - Vocals
Francis Black - Vocals
Mary Black* - Vocals
Nancy Blake - Cello, Guitar
Norman Blake- Guitar, Dobro
Paul Blakemore - Mastering engineer
Bob Blank - Recording engineer
Robert Blatt* - Recording engineer
Ryan Blessey - Recording engineer
John Block - Native percussion, Vocals
Rory Block*- Vocals, Guitar
Luka Bloom - Vocals
Peter Blue - Feet Percussion
Richard Bock* - Film mixer
Michael Bolton - Vocals
Joe Bonadio** - Drums, Orchestral Percussion, Rope Drums, Percussion
John Boswell** - Acoustic Piano
Gideon Boss - Mastering engineer
Michelle Boston - Vocals
Joe Bouchard - Electric Bass
Jeff Bova**- Synthesizers, Arranger
Phil Bowler** - Upright Bass
Joey Bracchitta - Drums and Percussion
Jim Brady - Recording engineer
Michael Brecker* - Tenor Saxophone
Randy Brecker* - Trumpet, Electric Trumpet
Jim Brickman* - Piano
Brooklyn Tabernacle - Choir
Sarah Brooks** - Vocalist
Chris Brown - Recording engineer
Gerry Brown - Drums
Chris Brubeck* - Trombone solos, Trombone section
Dan Brubeck* - Drums
Dave Brubeck - Piano
Sharon Bryant* - Vocalist
Peabo Bryson - Vocal
Jeff Buff - Recording engineer
Cindy Bullens - Vocals
Hillary Burgess - Flute
Jim Burroughs* - Vocals, Songwriter, Afghan instruments
Jaques Burvic*- Keyboards

Greg Calbi* - Mastering engineer
Chris Campbell - Film mixer
Jeff Canata - Recording engineer
Tony Carey - Keyboards
Randy Carillo* - Guitarron, Vocals
Steve Carillo* - Vocals, Trumpet
Joe Carrano - Recording engineer, programmer
Porter Carrol** - Drums, Vocals
Ron Carter - Upright bass
Karen Casey - Vocals
Scott Castle* - Saxophone
Tony Cedras - Drums
Tom Chapin - Vocals
Tina Chancey - Rebek, Viola De Gamba
Amit Chatterjee* - Sitar, Violin
Cherish The Ladies*- Irish Traditional Musicians
Cyrus Chestnut* - Acoustic Piano
The Chieftains* - Irish Traditional Musicians
Tony Chirco - Vibraphone
Mark Chirnoff - Recording engineer
Pete Cianelli* - Trumpet
Tony Cintron - Drums
Danny Cipriano - Tenor Saxophone
Bill Cerulli - Drums
The Clancy Brothers - Irish Traditional Singers
Aioffe Clancy* - Vocalist
Bobby Clancy*- Vocalist
Donal Clancy - Vocals
Finbar Clancy - Vocals
Liam Clancy* - Vocalist
Neal Clarke - Drums
Stanley Clarke - Electric Bass
Jimmy Cobb - Drums
Serena Cobb - Vocals
Billy Cobham - Drums
Kurt Coble* - Principal Violin, Violin Soloist, Violin section, Robotic Instruments
Mariachi Cobre* - Mexican Folkloric Ensemble
Earl Cohen* - Recording engineer
Marshall Coid** - Principal Violinist, Violin Solos, Violin Section, (concertmaster), Counter Tenor Vocalist
Alejandro Colinas - Recording engineer
Anna Colliton* - Bodhran, Irish Percussion
The Colorado Symphony - Orchestra
William Coulter - Guitar
Marian Conaty* - Mastering engineer
Kevin Conneff - Bodhran
John Connelly - Fiddle
Dierdre Connelly - Fiddle
Bill Connors - Electric Guitar
Brian Conway - Fiddle
Chris Coogan*- Orchestrator, Arranger, Piano. Vocals, Choir Director
Jim Coogan - Accordion
Mary Coogan* - Guitars
Chick Corea - Keyboards
Dana Cornock - Digital editing
Julian Coryell* - Electric Guitar, Arranging, Vocals
Julie Coryell- Vocals
Larry Coryell* - Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar
Murali Coryell* - Vocalist, Guitar
Gary Cosgrave - Vocals
Mary Costanza - Cello
Sonny Costanzo - Trombone
Elvis Costello - Vocals
William Coulter - Acoustic Guitar
Laura Covey - English Horn, Oboe
Clyde Criner - Keyboards
Jimmy Cruiz - Wood Flutes
Christopher Cullen* - Clarinet
Dan Culpepper** - French Horns, French Horn solos
Johnny Cunningham - Fiddle

Dave Daddario - Upright Bass
Dincer Dalkalik* - Bowed Rebab, Tanbur, Ney, Turkish Percussion
Karamba Dambakete - Jimbe
Rick Danko - Bass
David Darling* - Cello solos, Electric Cello, 8 String Electric Cello, Sound Design, Cello section
Mike Davis - Trombone
Laco Deczy - Trumpet
Linda Dee - Vocals
Andy DeGenahl* - Recording engineer
Tim Dehuff* - Jazz Guitar
Socrates De Jesus - Saxophone
Paco DeLucia - Flamenco Guitar
Adam DelMonte - Flamenco Guitar
Janice Dempsey - Vocals
Lee Dichter** - Film mixer
Gany Diederich - Acoustic Guitar
Tony DiMarco - Fiddle
Al Dimeola - Acoustic Guitar
Kenwood Dinard - Keyboards
Matt Dine - Oboe & English Horn
Ara Dinkjian** - Oud, Cumbus, Saz, Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Dinneen - Recording engineer
Vieux Diop** - Kora, Vocals, African percussion
Rick Diore** - Film mixer
Artie Dixson** - Drums
John Doan* - Harp Guitar
Placido Domingo - Vocals
Dave Donnelly - Mastering engineer
Gabriel Donohue* -Guitar
Bill Dooley - Mastering engineer
Jeff Dowd* - Vocals, Guitar
John Doyle**- Guitars, Bouzouki
Annie Dressner - Vocalist
Colin Dunne - Feet
Ada Dyer**- Vocalist
Doyle Dykes - Guitar

Mark Egan - Fretless Bass
Roryann Egan - Concertina
Seamus Egan* - Irish Flute, Whistle, Banjo
Siobhan Egan* - Fiddle, Vocals
Russ Elevado - Recording engineer
Jay Elfenbein* - Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Bass Solos, Bass section, Viola De Gamba
Dean Elliot - Recording engineer
Don Elliot* - Vibraphone, Fluglehorn
Mark Epstein - Bass
David Espinoza - Samponas, quena
Bill Evans - Piano
Bill Evans - Soprano Saxophone

Maguette Fall - Talking Drum
Mary Fall - Vocals
Ardeshir Farah - Guitar
James Farley - Keyboards
Ralph Farris - Viola
Martin Fay - Fiddle
Alan Feldman - Banjo
Lawrence Feldman** - Clarinet solos, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Woodwind Section, Recorder, Tenor Saxophone solos, Alto Saxophone solos, Horn Section
Robert Fernandez - Film mixer
Chris Figueroa* - Violin section
Richard Fiocca** - Orchestrator, Keyboards
Jaime Finnegan -Trumpet
Joe Firecrow - Native American Flute
Roberta Flack - Vocals
Leopoldo Fleming** - percussion
Dan Fogleberg - Vocals
Jason Fox** - Film mixer
Faith Fraioli - Violin
Al Franken - Comedy
Samora Free - Vocals
Aloysia Friedman - Violin section
Bill Frisell - Electric Guitar, Processed Guitar
Jim Fleagle* - Drums
Jeff Franzel - Keyboards
Jonas Friedman* - Musical Sound Design
John Fumasoli - Trombone

Steve Gadd* - Drums
Gemma Galdi* - Principal Violin, Violin solos, Violin section
Will Galison* - Harmonicas
Rick Gallwey - Percussion
James Galway - Flute
Frank Gambale - Electric Guitar
Ray Gantek* - Pedal Steel
George Gao** - Orchestrator, Arranger, Erhu, Banhu, Chinese Percussion
Adolfo Garcia* - Violin section, Vocals
Conchita Garcia - Guitar, percussion
Art Garfunkel - Vocals
John "Ratso" Geriardi - Electric Guitar
Al Gerstenzang - Vocals
Ronnie Gilbert - Vocals
Debby Gilchrist* - Vocals
Vince Gill - Vocals
Marc Gilmore - Drums
Ken Gioffre* - Tenor Saxophone
Kevin Glackin - Fiddle
Josh Gogan* - Recording engineer
David Gold* - Violin section, Viola section
Mark Goldberg - Bassoon
Donnie Golden* - Feet
Eileen Golden - Feet
John Goldschmid - Keyboards
Gil Goldstein* - Arranger, Keyboards, Accordion
Pablo Goma* - Violin section, Vocals
Eddie Gomez* - Acoustic Bass
Bert Goodman** - Vocals
Joel Goodman - Orchestrator, Keyboards
Good News Gospel Choir - Choir
Randy Goodrum - Keyboards, Vocals
Dexter Gordon - Tenor Saxophone
Peter Gordon**- French Horn Solos, French Horn section
Allen Gorey - Vocals
Steve Gorn* - Bamboo Flute, Deduk
Don Grady**- Orchestrator, Arranger, Keyboards
George Grant - Percussion
Eugene Grey - Acoustic guitar
Debbie Griffen - Vocals
Dick Griffen - Trombone
Francisco Grijalva* - Guitar
Al Grumwell* - Recording engineer
Bernie Grundman** - Mastering engineer
Marlena Grzaslewicz** - Dialogue editor
Emin Gunduz - Kanun, Turkish Vocalist
Bob Gurland - Vocals
Darrol Gustamachio* - Mixing engineer
Arlo Guthrie - Vocals

James Haddad* - Percussion
Omar Hakim - Drums
Armen Halburian - Percussion
Jim Hall - Jazz Guitar
Laura Halladay - Flute
Kathy Halvorson* - Oboe, English Horn, Woodwind section
Herbie Hancock - Keyboards
Fred Hand - Classical Guitar, Lute
Karen Hansen - Viola de Gamba
Ken Hahn** - Film Mixer
Sean Harkness* - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Lani Hall - Vocal
Stephanie Hardy - Vocals
Steve Hardy - Recording engineer
Mike Hargrove* - Recording engineer
Tommy Harris* - Vocals, Keyboard
Billy Hart - Drums
John Hart - Guitar
Mickey Hart - Percussion, Tibetan Bells
Ronald Hawkins - Harpsichord
Tommy Hayes - Bodhran, percussion
Heartpunch studios** - Film mixers
Antonio Hernandez - Guitars, cuatro, quena, bombo, percussion
Ben Herndon - Vocals
Andy Heath - Classical Piano
Oscar Hernandez - piano
Journey Blue Heaven -Vocals
Michael Hedges* - Guitars
Levon Helm - Drums
John Hendrix - Vocals
Nancy Hennings - Tibetan Bells
Leigh Henry - Vocalist
Chris Herbert - Soprano Saxophone
Rene Heredia - Acoustic Guitar
Dan Hersch*- Mastering engineer
Grant Herried** - Lute, Theorbo
Priscilla Herreid - Recorder
James Higgins - Accordion
Jimmy Higgins - Bodhran
Stephen Hill* - Mastering engineer
Hiroshima - Japanese new age group
Peter Hodgson* - Recording engineer
Will Holhouser* - Accordion
Bill Holloman** - Orchestrator, Arranger, Tenor Saxophone solos, Alto Saxophone Solos, Trumpet section, Flute, Alto flute, Trombone, Horn Section
Eric Holtje* - Bassoon, Contra Bassoon
Toninho Horta - Guitar
Dennis Hrbeck - Recording engineer
Garth Hudson - Keyboards
Richard Hunter** - Harmonica
Leo Huppert** - Principal Acoustic Bass, Bass solos, Bass section, Electric Bass, Fretless Bass, Ampeg Fretless Bass

Janis Ian - Vocals
Bob Ingliss** - Oboe soloist, English Horn Soloist, Woodwind section
The Irish Film Orchestra* - Orchestra
Hasan Isakkut** - Kanun, Middle Eastern Violin
Mark Isham - Trumpet
Vivian Israel* - Cello section
Eileen Ivers**- Irish Fiddle, Electric Fiddle

Jill Jaffe** - Principal Viola, Viola Solos, Viola section
Keith Jarret - Piano
Peter Jemison - Vocals
Kevin Jenkins** - Electric Bass
Shan Jiang - Violin
Flaco Jimenez - Accordion
Gordon Johnson - Pedal steel, Dobro
Howard Johnston* - Recording engineer
Josh Johnny-John - Native percussion, Vocals
Clare Jolivet - Violin section
Duke Jones - Trumpet
Elvin Jones - Drums
Jeff Jones** - Recording and mixing engineer
Mike Joseph** - Recording and mixing engineer
Steve Jordan - Drums
Vic Juris - Jazz Guitar

Ledward Kaapana - Slack Key Guitar
Tony Kadlek** - Trumpet solos, Fluglehorn Solos, Bugle Solos, Trumpet Section
Annie Kagan - Lyricist, Vocalist
Kutter Kahn - Tabla
Suzanne Kapa - Recording engineer
David Karchere - Guitar
Charlie Karp**- Orchestrator, Arranger, Electric Guitars, Vocalist
John Kasiewicz - Orchestrator, Keyboards
Jorma Kaukonen - Guitar
Brian Keane** - Guitars, Slide guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, churango, saz, native flute, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Drums, Piano, Organ, Sound Design, vocals, Recording engineer, editor, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, producer, arranger, orchestrator
Dylan Keane* - Drum programming, vocals
Geoffrey Keane - Cello, Vocals
George Keane - Vocals
Jimmy Keane - Piano, Vocals
Sean Keane - Fiddle
Sheila Keane - Guitar, Vocals
Winifred Keane - Sound Design
Wylder Keane** - Recording engineer, editor, guitar
Bill Keith* - 5 string Banjo, Tenor Banjo
Jim Keltner - Drums
Brian Kennedy - Vocals
Andrea Khemany - Vocals
Cheryl Khemeny - Vocals
Khenany - South American Folkloric Ensemble
Nomosanto Khumalo - Vocals
Kevin Killen - Mixing engineer
Roger King* - Recording engineer
Igor Kipnis* - Harpsichord
Ken Kirkland* - Keyboards, Piano
Eartha Kitt* - Vocals
Gregor Kitzis* - Viola section
Brian Klarman* - Piano
Earl Klugh - Guitar
Liz Knowles - Fiddle
Andy Kris - Film mixer
Kenny Kosek** - Fiddles
Leo Kottke - Acoustic Guitars
Kronos Quartet - String quartet
Bakithi Kumalo** - Electric Bass
Robbi Kumalo*- Vocals


Ladysmith Black Mambazo* - African Chorus
Rhonda Larson - Flutes
Scott Latsky - Drums
Joe Lavano - Tenor Saxophone
Joe Lavine* - Windchimes, sour violin
Rohn Lawrence* - Electric Guitar
Emily Lazar - Mastering engineer
Ann Leathers*- Violin section
Rob Lebish - Drums
Rob LeBlanc - Classical Guitar
John Lee - Electric bass
Lorraine Lee - Dulcimer
Ottmar Leibert - Flamenco Guitar
Steve Leitten - Recording engineer
Mickey Leonard - Drums
Pete Levin* - Keyboards
Allyrio Lima - Percussion
Javier Limon - Palms, percussion
Perry Lind*- Upright bass
Larry Linetta - Trumpet
Arthur Lipner*- Vibraphone, Marimba
London Symphony Orchestra* - Orchestra
Byron Long - Piano
Donna Long* - Piano
Fred Loulis* - Recording engineer
Bob Ludwig* - Mastering engineer
Jerome Luera - Accordion
Manuel Lujan* - Vocal coach
Ray Lynch - Synthesizers
Lisa Lynne*- Harp


Yo yo Ma - Cello
Joanie Madden** - Irish Whistles, Flute, Vocals
Joe Madden - Bodhran
John Madden - Accordion
Phil Magnotti* - Recording engineer, editing, Mix engineer
Ed Maguire - Bass
Jary Mall** - Percussion
Mike Mandel* - Keyboards
Chuck Mangione - Fluglehorn
Richard Manuel - Vocals, Piano
Karen Manuzzi - Vocals
Arif Mardin - Producer
Joe Mardin - Keyboards
Mike Marshall - Mandolin
Cambell Martin - Vocals
Roberto Martinez* - Vihuela
George Massenburg - Recording engineer
Brian Masterson* - Recording, Mixing engineer
Billy McComiskey - Accordion
Tommy McDonnell - Vocals, Harmonica,
Arty McGlynn - Guitar
Jim McGrath - Drums
Zan McLeod - Guitar, Bouzouki
Robert Mealy - Baroque Fiddle
Joe Melotti** - Keyboards
Joe Mendyk** - Recording Engineer
Tony Mills* - Recording engineer
Sean Moffit* - Recording engineer, editor
Israel Molino* - Violin section, Vocals
Matt Molloy*- Flute
Mick Moloney* - Vocal, Guitar
Joe Mongi* - Film mixer
John Montagnese** - add Recording Engineer, editing
Enrique Morente - Flamenco Vocal
John Mozzi** - Recording Engineer
Alan Murphy* - Drums


Carlos Nakai*- Native American Flute
Valerie Naranjo* - Marimba, African Marimbas
Kevin Nathaniel* - Kalimbas
Gerry Neiwood - Soprano Saxophone
Corin Nelson - Recording engineer
Vincent Ngini - Electric Guitar
Greg Nicolett* - Orchestrator, Keyboards
Nightnoise - Traditional Irish Musicians
Ron Nihoff - Drums
Joe Nistico - Organ
Adam Nussbaum*-Drums

Obsession - Metal Band
Andy O'Connell - Guitar
Jaime O'Connell - Bass
Mark O'Connor - Fiddle
Sinead O'Connor - Vocals
Liam O'Flynn - Uilleann pipes
Dan O'Grady - Drums
Bob Ohlsson* - Mastering engineer
Liam O'Maonlay - Vocals, Bodhran
Kenny Ortiz - Recording engineer
Jeffrey Osborne - Vocals
Billy Oskay* - Recording engineer
Jerry O'Sullivan**- Uilean Pipes, Bagpipes

Lou Paer* - Acoustic Bass
Maria Pages - Feet
Richie Pangilinan - Turntablist
Joanne Paratore - Keyboards
Leon Parker - Drums
Joe Pass - Jazz guitar
John Patitucci*- Electric Bass
George Pavliss* - Keyboards
Joe Peccerdio - Recording engineer
Sean Pelton - Drums
Federico Pena*- Arranger, Keyboard
Frank Perri - Copyist
Jeff Pevar* - Electric Guitar
Barry Phillips - Mandolin
Shelly Phillips - Harp
Stacy Phillips* - Dobro
Dan Pickering**- Orchestrator, Trumpet, Fluglehorn, Flute
Rich Pisker - Recording engineer
Kim Plainfield - Drums
John Plantiga*- Guitar
Wynn Plaut - Trombone
Morris Pleasure - Keyboards
Clara Ponty - Piano
Jean Luc Ponty - Electric Violin
Spyros Poulos - Recording engineer
Gilberto Puente - Guitar
Jim Pugh**- Trombone solos, Trombone section
Kevin Purrone*- Classical Piano
Tony Purrone - Jazz Guitar

Thandeka Ngono-Raash - Vocals
Michael Rabinowitz* - Bassoon, Electric Bassoon
Mary Rafferty* - Accordion
Mike Rafferty - Flute
Paddy Rafferty - Lilting
Hector Ramirez - Percussion
Nelson Rangell* - Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Fonda Ray - Vocals
Marie Reilly - Fiddle, Viola, Concertina
Cathy Rich - Vocals
Robert Rich - Synthesizers
James Riley - Guitar
Emedin Rivera **- Percussion
Blaise Rizzo - Recording and Mixing engineer
Paul Rizzo - Recording engineer
Steve Roach**- Orchestrator, Sound Design, Digeri Doo, Keyboards, Percussion
Robbie Robertson - Guitar
Vicki Sue Robinson**- vocals
Jeff Rodenkirch - Recording engineer
Jose Antonio Rodriquez - Flamenco guitar
Linda Ronstadt - Vocals
Joel Rosenblatt* - Drums
Dan Rowe* - Recording engineer
Jay Rowe** - Keyboards
Eugene Ruffalo - Vocals
Antonio Ruiz* - Violin section, Vocals
Mack Ruiz* - Violin section, Vocals
John Russell* - Recording engineer

Samite*- Kalimba, African Percussion, Vocals
Dave Samuels* - Marimba, Vibraphone
Larry Sarezky* - Guitar, Vocals
John Sebastian*- Vocals, Autoharp, Guitar, Harmonica
Steve Scales*- Percussion
Jack Scanlon* - Vocals, Keyboards
George Scheck - Electric bass
Jacqueline Schwab** - Acoustic Piano
John Schloffsky - Recording engineer
Stephan Schneider**- Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, Vocals
Erica Schwichtenberg - Violin section, Electric Violin
Elliot Scheiner - Engineer, Mixer
John Scofield - Electric Guitar
Gary Scovil** - Recording engineer, Video editor
Askin Serbetci - Kanun
Steve Sechi - Alto Saxophone
Pete Seeger - Banjo
Tom Sembrowich*-Electric bass
Ciaran Sheehan - Vocals
Bill Shanley - Guitar
John Sheahan - Fiddle
Paul Shipper* - Recorder, percussion
John Sholle - Guitar
Billy Sideman - Electric Guitar
Thea Silverman* - Flute
Tracy Silverman*- Orchestrator, Arranger, Violin, Electric Violin
Bill Sims* - Drums
Frank Sims*- Vocals
Sissel - Vocals
Ron Skies* - Vocals, Keyboards, Recording engineer
David Smadbeck* - Keyboards
Jesse Smith - Fiddle
Nell Snaidas - Soprano
Mark Snow - Keyboards
Lew Soloff*- Trumpet solo, Trumpet section
Rich Sosinsky - Contrabass
Ira Spiegel** - Sound design
Davey Spillane - Uilean Pipes
Paul Spinner*-Electric bass
Douglas Spotted Eagle** - Native American Flutes, Percussion
Salon Spruce - Native percussion, Vocals
Tom Stacy* - Bassoon
Vic Steffens* - Recording engineer
Lenny Stea - Recording engineer
Bruno Staehlin - Recording engineer
Jo-Ann Sternberg**- Principal Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Woodwind section
Jeremy Steig* - Flute, Electric Flute
Richard Stoltzman* - Clarinet Solos
Liz Story* - Acoustic Piano
Tim Story* - Keyboards
Barry Stramp* - Quena, Electronic Flutes, Native American Flutes
Jorge Strunz - Guitar
Rob Summers - Recording engineer


Blaine Tallchief - Native percussion, Vocals
Heidi Talbot - Vocals Bodhran
Chen Tao* - Chinese Flutes
Carol Tatum* - Harp
Dominick Tavella** - Film mixer
Spencer Taylor* - Vocals, Keyboards
Haci Ahmet Tekbilek - Duduk, Mey
Murat Tekbilek - Darbuka, Bendir
Omar Faruk Tekbilek** - Ney, Kaval, Zurna, Vocals, Baglama, Jura, Oud, Darbucka, Bendir, Def
Ertin Tekin - Duduk
Robert Tenca* - Violin section
Sue Tenca - Viola section
Chris Tergesen* - Music editor
Michael Terry**- Orchestrator, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars
Chris Theis - Recording engineer
Carol Thompson* - Celtic Harp
Chris Toelkin - Keyboards
Brian Torff* -Acoustic Bass
George Tortorelli - Recorder, Bamboo flute
Yomo Toro** - Quattro, Requinto, Guitar
Leo Traversa - Bass
Tony Trischka - 5 string Banjo
Tuck and Patti - Vocal, Jazz Guitar
Arto Tuncboyaciyan**- Percussion, Bendir, Drums, Bottles, Vocals


Uman - New age group
Jay Ungar* - Fiddle, Mandolin
Steve Upton - Drums
Michael Urbaniak* - Electric Violin

Glen Velez* - Percussion
John Villa - Digeridoo
Preston Vismale - Ketboards
Miroslav Vitous* - Electric bass, Acoustic bass, Bass Guitar Synthesizer


Snuffy Walden*-Guitar
Mark Walker - Drums
Don Wallace**-Copyist, Orchestrator, Electric bass
Josh Wallentine - Recording engineer
Bob Webb - Recording engineer
Danny Weiss* - Mixing engineer
Eric Weissberg**- 5 string Banjo, Dobro, Guitar, Pedal steel, Mandolin, Vocals
Paul Wertico - Drums
John Whelan* - Accordion
Paul Wickliffe* - Recording engineer, Mixing engineer
John Widgren - Pedal Steel
John Wiggins** - Film mixer
Dave Wilkes* - Contractor
Buddy Williams - Drums
Tony Williams - Drums
Ann Wilson - Vocals
Nancy Wilson -Vocals
Cookie Wilson - Vocals
George Winston* - Acoustic Piano, Harmonica
Tarik Winston - Tap Dancer
Paul Winter*- Soprano Saxophone
Laurie Wisefield* - Electric Guitar
Ben Wittman - Drums
Mike Wolf - Recording engineer
Henry Wolff*- Tibetan Bells, Gongs
Dave Wonsey -Mixing engineer
Peter Wortman - Oboe, English Horn
Jonathan Wyner** - Mastering engineer

Yanni - Keyboards
Yuri Yunakov - Soprano Saxophone


Robert Zanre - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Joe Zawinul - Keyboards
Alisha Zevulon - Vocals
Bob Zubrycki** - Principal Violin, Violin Soloist, Fiddle Soloist, Violin section
John Zuker - Engineer
Buckwheat Zydeco* - Accordion, Vocals


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