Dialogue Editing, Repair and Recording Film mixing, Surround Conversion, and Delivery Formats
Sound Effects, Custom Sound Effects, Foley Musical Scoring and Sweetening
(includes access to a vast library of cleared music)
Repairing Audio Location Record Problems Overnight Accommodations

Brian Keane Music provides audio post services under the corporate name Country Post. We have provided full audio services for several Emmy, and Peabody winning or nominated films (see list below).

2001 Search for a Safer Cigarette - Nova (PBS)

2002 Bluegrass Basketball - Three part miniseries (ESPN) - nominated for two Emmy awards

2002 The Complete Angler (ESPN) - Emmy nominee, Peabody winner

2003 The Beanpot (ESPN)

2003 The Teammates (ESPN) - nominated for three Emmy awards

2003 Steamed Dumplings (independent theatrical comedy)

2003 Joe Paterno Country (ESPN)

2004 Sports Illustrated 50 Years (ESPN) nominated for two Emmy awards

2005 Bleriot - Nova (PBS)

2005 You Write Better Than You Play: The Frank Deford Story - nominated for two Emmy awards

2006 God's Gift (independent Theatrical comedy)

2006 Ed Meets His Maker (Theatrical short film)

2007 America's Lost Landscape The Tall Grass Prairie (PBS) winner of three Cine Golden Eagle awards

2007 The Writing Code - four part miniseries (PBS)

2007 Portrait of a Lady (HBO)

2008 What about Sal (MLB network)

2009 CIA Recruitment Commercial

2009 Water Wars (PBS)

2009 Beth Shalom An American Synagogue (PBS)

2009 Irwin (Independent documentary)

2009 Mad Streak (Independent documentary)

2010 Talk To Strangers (Independent short film)

2010 Dark Light (HBO)

2011 Efendimiz (Turkish Radio story of Muhammad)

2011 Aria Hahn (Audio visual book for IPAD)

2012 Sam's War (Independent documentary)

2012 The ConVention (Theatrical documentary)

2014 It's Time (ESPN) - Nominated For two Emmy Awards

2015 Keepers Of The Streak (ESPN) - Emmy Winner

2016 Norm (ESPN)

2017 Neary's: The Dream at the End of the Rainbow (Theatrical Documentary)

2017 Forever Under Siege (Pace Films)

2017 Robin Hood (Hesperus)

2018 Nosferatu (Hesperus)

2018 Playing With Matches (Theatrical Short Film)

2020 Charlie and Us: The Charlie Karp Story


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