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July 2020: Summer Updates

July 2020 - The Coronavirus pandemic has affected Brian Keane Music (along with everyone else in our industry!). Oliver Sacks: His Own Life", which debuted to sellout crowds at the Telluride and New York Film Festivals, was picked up for national theatrical distribution by Keno Lorber and Zeitgeist Films. The film was supposed to be released in May of 2020, but, due to the pandemic, is likely to be released as a VOD in August or September of this year.

Brian (along with others) produced his first documentary during this pandemic about his long-time friend and musical collaborator Charlie Karp, who passed away in March of last year. The feature-length documentary film "Charlie and Us: The Charlie Karp Story" follows the concert Brian produced with over 70 musicians last summer, and highlights Charlie's long career. It was done as a non-profit charity project.

Brian has begun working on "Driving While Black: Race, Space, and Mobility in America", a two-hour PBS documentary special set to air on October 13. Brian's score to Susan Lacy's HBO documentary about Ralph Lauren, "Very Ralph", was named the Grand Winner for his music score at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, and won a Gold Award for music as well. The 12-hour Fritz Mitchell-directed ESPN documentary series Saturdays In The South: A History of SEC Football", won two additional Gold Awards.

Brian Keane's European and Middle-Eastern concert tour with Middle-Eastern musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek in November of 2019 enjoyed sell-out crowds at every show. This was in follow-up to their sold-out Carnegie Hall appearance in 2018.

Brian's music library continues to grow in popularity, underscoring many hours of programming in the past year.

Many additional projects are planned, pending the affects of the current pandemic situation going forward.

September 2019: Fall Updates

September 2019 - It's been a busy fall for releases! Oliver Sacks: His Own Life" debuted to sellout crowds at the Telluride and New York Film Festivals. Saturdays In The South: A History of SEC Football", a 12-hour series, is airing Tuesday nights on ESPN. Very Ralph", a new film about Ralph Lauren from multiple Emmy Award-winning director Susan Lacy, will debut in November on HBO. One Day At Disney" debuts on the new Disney+ streaming network, and Alfred Sung's Last Stitch" debuted at the Hong Kong and Toronto Film Festivals.

Brian's music library continues to grow, both in content and clients.

Following up on Brian’s sold-out Carnegie Hall concert with Omar Faruk Tekbilek last year, Brian will be performing with Omar in concert later this year in Israel and the Middle East.

March 2019: Spring Updates

March 2019 - Brian Keane Music, Inc has updated this web site with many new features, updated music playlists, links, project information, and photos. The update was designed by Chicago web designer Elvis Salic, and updates the original design done by former Brian Keane Music, Inc employee and student, Jonas Friedman. Jonas has gone on to become a successful orchestrator for several major weekly television shows in the Los Angeles area and, most recently, a new father. The new web site also connects to Brian’s searchable music library Score To Picture, which has rapidly been growing as a major musical resource for top editors and producers in television and film.

Brian has been working on several projects already this year. He scored an HBO film by multiple award-winning director Susan Lacy about Ralph Lauren, and is working on a 12-hour series for Emmy award-winning director Fritz Mitchell called “Saturdays in the South” for ESPN. Brian also completed a project for Academy Award-winning producer Ruby Yang called “Last Stitch”.

Following up on Brian’s sold-out Carnegie Hall concert with Omar Faruk Tekbilek last year, Brian will be performing with Omar in concert later this year in Israel and the Middle East.

November 2018: Fall Updates

November 2018 - Brian Keane Music keeps rolling along (despite Brian's claims of "semi-retirement")! Brian's "Score To Picture music library was renewed by Disney for 5 more years. Brian is also scoring a 12-hour series on the history of the SEC college football conference for Emmy-winning director Fritz Mitchell, in collaboration with Molehouse Studios and ESPN. Brian is also scoring an HBO documentary about renowned fashion designer Ralph Lauren for Emmy-winning director Susan Lacy, who ran the "American Masters" documentary series for PBS for years, and recently directed the Stephen Speilberg documentary, as well as "Jane Fonda in Five Acts". Brian has also been working on a film about Oliver Sacks for multiple Emmy-winning director Ric Burns.

Earlier this year, Brian performed some live concerts, including selling out Carnegie Hall in April with long-time collaborator Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

March 2018: Spring Updates

March 2018 - Spring will be a busy time this year! Brian is playing several live concerts, including an appearance at Carnegie Hall on April 14th with long-time collaborator Omar Faruk Tekbilek. Brian is also playing concerts of his original music with his former student (and Windham Hill recording artist) Sean Harkness, and performing with The Reunion Band (a band of high school friends playing '60s rock 'n' roll). On television, Brian's music will be featured in Helen Whitney's "Into the Night" documentary, which airs nationally on PBS on March 26th, and Ric Burns' "The Chinese Exclusion Act", which airs nationally on PBS on May 29th. Brian is also scoring a film about Oliver Sacks for Ric Burns and American Masters, which is due out later this year. Other films Brian has recently scored include a documentary film by Ruby Yang about Tibetan nomads undergoing lifestyle changes in the modern era; a fun film about women bowling by George Roy; and a massive series about the history of the SEC for ESPN and Fritz Mitchell. Brian's "Score To Picture" music library continues to be leased by major networks, and used in several documentaries, including Neil Leifer's upcoming PBS film about Neary's, an iconic Irish pub in New York City.

November 2017: Fall Updates

November 2017 - Brian spent some of the past year working on a symphony originally written in 1984. The symphony "A Speck of Time", is a musical expression of the fact that we all share the same home in a deserted neighborhood, planet earth, and as such is an anti-tribalistic inclusion of multiple cultural and stylistic elements that come together in a spiritually uplifting 30 minute work. Extremely ambitious, the first phase of this project has been completed and will go into live recording in the coming year. Other recent projects included 3 Sun Dance documentaries, one for Oscar winner Ruby Yang about the effects of China's single child policy on abandoned daughters, another about soldiers who live with PTSD, and another Ric Burns film about the neurologist and author Oliver Sacks. Brian also produced a DVD of the 1922 silent movie of "Robin Hood" scored entirely by top early music musicians, Hesperus, using entirely music written in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, and using the original instruments of the period. That DVD comes out in a few weeks. Past Brian Keane Music employees have been busy too: Keith Chirgwin has been promoted to a head mixer for NBC, Jeff Frez-Albrecht continues to do narration gigs for several documentaries as well as doing the audio post on a feature film, Jonas Friedman continues scoring "Blue Bloods", "X-Files", and "24" for television, and has recently been engaged to work on a Hans Zimmer related feature film.

October 2016: Fall Updates

Brian leased part of his catalog of thousands of titles to ESPN, and spent part of the year working on artistic projects. Three new films were scored for Fritz Mitchell (for whom Brian received his 20th Emmy nomination for music last year), and IMG. “Norm” was scored and mixed for ESPN. There is an upcoming project in the works about the Chinese Exclusion Act for director Ric Burns and PBS. Long time employee Keith Chirgwin became a chief audio mixer for NBC Universal, Jonas Friedman moved to Los Angeles where he is scoring for the television series “Blue bloods", "X-Files", and “24”, and Jeff Frez-Albrecht picked up several more films as a narrator. Brian congratulates all Brian Keane Music associates on their individual successes.

March 2015: Spring Updates

The latest films scored by Brian: "Enquiring Minds" (a story about the National Enquirer newspaper), which premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival in October is also featured in the IFC DocNYC festival in November, and can be seen on Netflix later in the year. "Debt of Honor", a moving film by Ric Burns and Bonnie La Fave about disabled veterans premiered November 7th on The Intrepid in NYC, and will play at the new National Memorial For Disabled Veterans in Washington D.C.

November 2014: Fall Updates

The latest films scored by Brian: "Enquiring Minds" (a story about the National Enquirer newspaper), which premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival in October is also featured in the IFC DocNYC festival in November, and can be seen on Netflix later in the year. "Debt of Honor", a moving film by Ric Burns and Bonnie La Fave about disabled veterans premiered November 7th on The Intrepid in NYC, and will play at the new National Memorial For Disabled Veterans in Washington D.C.

September 2014: It's Time

It's Time, a feature documentary by Fritz Mitchell for ESPN, and the premiere of it's new SEC network premieres September 4th. Brian Keane Music did the music and audio post with narration by Jeff Frez Albrecht.

February 2014: ASCAP 100th Anniversary

Brian recently attended ASCAP's 100th Anniversary celebration in NYC. An artcle about the evening that also has a brief interview with Brian can be see on The Wall Street Journal HERE.

July 2013: Copper Emmy Nomination

"Copper" has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy award for Brian Keane's main title theme music. Brian Keane also scored "Death and the Civil War" which was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in the category of Outstanding Non-Fiction Programming.

February 2013: Copper Season 2 Coming Summer Of 2013
Season 2 of Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana's "Copper" begins June 23 on BBC America. "Copper" debuted last year as the highest rated show in BBC America's history.
A new "Copper" soundtrack CD featuring Brian's score is to be released on Valley Entertainment (Sony) records later this year.

August 2012
Copper: a new television series from Academy Award winning director, Barry Levinson, and Emmy award winning producer Tom Fontana, premiered August 19 on BBC America as the highest rated show in the network's history. Brian scored the series and the title music, about an Irish cop in 1864 New York, employing top Irish musicians Joanie Madden, Eileen Ivers, Jerry O'Sullivan and John Whelan among many others.

Ric Burns returns to his legendary Civil War documentary subject matter with "Death and the Civil War" airing in September on PBS as an American Experience two hour special. A soundtrack CD of Brian's heartbreaking score will be released on Valley-Entertainment.

Neil Leifer's "ConVention", a fun documentary about a ventriloquist convention in Kentucky, premieres theatrically in September. Brian's whimsical score features tuba, accordion and gypsy music.

February 2012:
Music Brian produced for Windham Hill is used in the soundtrack of the Academy Award nominated film "The Decendants" starring George Clooney. Brian's music is also to be used in the soundtrack for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann remake of "The Great Gatsby" starring Leonardo DiCaprio due out in December 2012. Brian has teamed up with the Woodstock New York computer firm, Curious Minds, to develop a library search system for film music. This system, as well as updates to this site, should be online by the fall of 2012.

January 2011:
Colorado Symphony to perform orchestral work composed by Brian in a concert celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday."The Warrior of Qiugang", a film by Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon, scored by Brian, was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary short subject.

June 2010:
"Into The Deep" a two hour special American Experience film by Ric Burns about the American Whaling Industry which premiered May 10, 2010 with an accompanying soundtrack CD available on Valley entertainment, was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award. Ironically, Brian also contributed music to the Warner Brothers Movie "Free Willy Escape From Pirate's Cove" which came out in April 2010. Additionallly, "Broad Street Bullies" a film by George Roy, premiered May 4 on HBO, and several feature films are in productions for the fall.

May 2009:
"Kelebek (The Butterfly)": Original motion picture soundtrack composed by Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek. Kelebek (The Butterfly), based on a script by Turkish writer/producer Mahmut Bengi and directed by Cihan Taskin, is about the actions that were and were not taken, leading to the events that the world would come to know as 9/11: Premieres May 1st in theatres in Turkey, U.S. film festival releases TBA. Soundtrack CD available on Celestial Harmonies. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR "KELEBEK" . In other news, "Joe Louis: America's Hero Betrayed", the HBO Documentary scored by Brian was nominated for an Emmy Award.

March 2008:
Brian is nominated for two more Emmy Awards for his music scores to HBO's "Barbaro", and Disney/ESPN's "Kabul Girl's Club".

September 2007:
"Andy Warhol A Documentary Film" by Ric Burns scored by Brian wins a Primetime Emmy Award. The film won a Peabody Award in May and scored "100% fresh" on the rotten tomatoes website. In addition, "Eugene O'Neill", also by Ric Burns and scored by Brian, starring Christopher Plummer, Al Pacino, Liam Neeson, among others, won a News and Documentary Emmy.

February 2007
"Blood of the Ying Zhou District", a documentary directed by Ruby Yang for Thomas Lennon Films and the China Aids Project, and scored by Brian, won the Academy Award for "Best Documentary; Short Subject".

May 2006:
" Rhythm Of The Rope" which Brian scored wins the Emmy for "Outstanding Sports Documentary". Brian scored all five nominees. Also, he was nominated for three music Emmys. Feature article in Film Score Monthly June 2006 issue. (www.filmscoremonthly.com)

May 2005:
Brian wins his tenth Emmy for his score for the HBO film "Nine Innings from Ground Zero". This year's best documentary Emmy nominations included "Nine Innings", HBO's "Hitler's Pawn", ESPN's "Sports Illustrated", and in the News and Documentary Emmys, ABC's "NYPD 24/7".

June 2004:
Brian Keane cleans up at this year's Emmy Awards, winning "Outstanding Music Composition" for HBO's "Curse Of The Bambino". "Bambino" also took "Best Sports Documentary". HBO's "Legendary Nights" scored by Brian Keane, wins "Best Documentary Series", Ric Burns' "Center Of The World" won a News and Documentary Emmy for "Best Historical Documentary". 2004 brought six Emmy Awards and nineteen Emmy nominations in all for films Brian scored including Music Nominations for Ric Burns' "Center Of The World", Fritz Mitchell's "Teammates" and Joe Lavine's "Jim McKay: My World In My Words" which also won an Emmy for Editing.

In 2003 Keane had 8 Emmy nominations winning "Best Music " for HBO's "Picture Perfect" and "Best Artistic Documentary" for Ric Burns' "Ansel Adams" (which also won a Columbia Dupont Award ). In addition, he scored Fritz Mitchell's "The Complete Angler" which won a Peabody Award .

In 2002 Brian was the first person to ever sweep the Emmy Music category and receive all the nominations in a single year.


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