Welcome to the official web site of Grammy and multiple Emmy Award winning composer Brian Keane.
Multiple Emmy award winning composer, Grammy award winning producer, and noted guitarist Brian Keane has scored literally hundreds of films and television shows, and produced over 150 albums, mostly from his studio in the woods of Connecticut. His music has been hailed critically as "indelible and breathtaking" by the Los Angeles Times, "piercingly beautiful" by The New York Times and "masterful" by Newsweek, and he has been called a "musician's musician" by Downbeat, a "composer's composer" by The Hollywood Reporter, and “one of the most impressive musicians of the decade” by the editor of Billboard magazine.

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November 2017: Fall Updates

November 2017 - Brian spent some of the past year working on a symphony originally written in 1984. The symphony "A Speck of Time", is a musical expression of the fact that we all share the same home in a deserted neighborhood, planet earth, and as such is an anti-tribalistic inclusion of multiple cultural and stylistic elements that come together in a spiritually uplifting 30 minute work. Extremely ambitious, the first phase of this project has been completed and will go into live recording in the coming year. Other recent projects included 3 Sun Dance documentaries, one for Oscar winner Ruby Yang about the effects of China's single child policy on abandoned daughters, another about soldiers who live with PTSD, and another Ric Burns film about the neurologist and author Oliver Sacks. Brian also produced a DVD of the 1922 silent movie of "Robin Hood" scored entirely by top early music musicians, Hesperus, using entirely music written in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, and using the original instruments of the period. That DVD comes out in a few weeks. Past Brian Keane Music employees have been busy too: Keith Chirgwin has been promoted to a head mixer for NBC, Jeff Frez-Albrecht continues to do narration gigs for several documentaries as well as doing the audio post on a feature film, Jonas Friedman continues scoring "Blue Bloods", "X-Files", and "24" for television, and has recently been engaged to work on a Hans Zimmer related feature film.

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